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Mom's Nite Out hosted by Arizona Moms Network and Choosing Love

A vendor table at Mom’s Nite Out gives you much needed face to face time with moms. This is a coveted spot and there are only a few spaces available at each event.

All information about vendor tables is sent only through the Vendor Newsletter.

Vendor selection is based upon many factors including providing giveaways at prior events, time of the year, responses from mom at past events, shopping habits of the moms, and items available for sale at the event. We try to have a wide variety of items moms will enjoy to choose from.

If you apply and are not accepted, please know the spaces are limited and there may be future events that will be appropriate for you. We do our best to bring back vendors that moms loved and still bring in new faces and opportunities. Flexible vendors who are easy to work with are the ones called at the last minute if there are unforseen circumstances that arise and the scheduled vendor is not able to attend.

Based upon prior Mom’s Nite Out events, vendors who have cash and carry items usually do better than items that must be ordered or scheduling a party. For this reason, the majority of our vendors who have items for sale at the table are given priority.

If you are interested in being a vendor, please sign up for our newsletter and check the box that says “Vendor Opportunities at Mom’s Nite Out.” Information will be sent out as soon as it is available for the next event.

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