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Posted May 14, 2013 by Kate Eschbach in A Mom's Perspective

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So much of your day depends on that first few minutes. You set the tone for the entire team.

Do you show up happy and ready to be there?

Or are you already complaining and talking about 5:00?

Go ahead and say hello to your team.

Instead of jumping into email, take a few minutes and walk around.

Smile and touch base with everyone ~ you never know ~ it may be the perfect time for someone to let you know about something they may be too timid to come into your office about.

You can do it!

Just show up!

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Kate Eschbach

Kate is a photographer, a lover of snail mail and may break out into musical numbers at any time. She remains devoted to Jesus, her husband and her precious children. Kate blogs over at Songs Kate Sang dot com.



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