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Posted July 13, 2013 by Kate Eschbach in Reviews

#LEGOKidsFest at LEGO KidsFest by Kate Eschbach Photography

As we drove up to LEGO KidsFest yesterday evening, my middle child was full of questions. He likes to know exactly when and where and how things are going to happen. We had looked at the pictures on the internet, but it was hard to know exactly what to expect. I can tell you this – it was awesome and we were happy to have our tickets provided by LEGO KidsFest!

#LEGOKidsFest - Kate Eschbach Photography

As we walked into the University of Phoenix Stadium, the kids were giddy as they looked over the rails to the stadium floor. It was absolutely covered in LEGO bricks!

#LEGOKidsFest - Kate Eschbach Photography

The event began at 4 pm. I thought we would stay for a few hours, then head back home.

On the middle of the stadium floor was a giant pile of LEGO bricks. The boys were in heaven. They sat in the middle of the pile with dozens of other kids and just dug and built and dug and built. My ten year old kept saying, “I’m on the stadium floor, playing with LEGOs.” He was so happy.

#LEGOKidsFest - Kate Eschbach Photography

Their favorite activities included the huge LEGO pile, a huge United States outline that you could add your own building to and the Chima display.

My middle child and his dad both built things to add to the United States outline for Arizona and Texas. It was so fun to see them sitting there together, so seriously concentrating. While they worked on their creations, my daughter and my littlest headed over to the family competitive build exhibit. The staff at the event was fun and encouraging!  We loved every minute.

#LEGOKidsFest - Kate Eschbach Photography

Would you believe that we closed the place down? I was shocked when they announced they would be closing in fifteen minutes because it was already 8:15 pm! All three of my kids – thirteen, ten and two were having a great time. Everyone was in a great mood – even though it was past bedtime for my littlest.

This was the perfect summer indoor event!

Our family was provided tickets to LEGO KidsFest in exchange for promotion of the event and to provide our own LEGO KidsFest review. All opinions are my own.

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