Guest Contributor Guidelines

Arizona Moms Network is a site for moms, about moms, and by moms. The mom part is you. You are a valuable part of the Arizona Moms Network and bring experience and expertise that only you can bring.

Guest Contributors are welcome. Preference is given to mom bloggers who have their own established blog. Established blog means the blog is at least three months old and post on average two times a week. If you do not have a blog and do not meet the guidelines but still have a desire to write, please contact us for more information.

Good Guest Contributors:

  • Offer their best content.
  • On the day your guest post comes out, announce it on your blog with a teaser and a link back to Arizona Moms Network. This makes sure there is not competing information on the day and posting the exact same information on both sites does harm.
  • Shout it out from the roof tops on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, to the gardener or anyone who will listen.


  • All posts must be written in English, using correct grammar and spelling.
  • Posts must be relevant to the readers of Arizona Moms Network.
  • Must be original writing, published only on Arizona Moms Network.
  • Posts will be verified for authenticity.
  • No self-promotion or links in the post. That is taken care of through the bio.
  • No affiliate links are allowed.
  • If you have an established relationship with a company, we cannot include links to them in the post.
  • All submissions become the property of Arizona Moms Network with full credit given to the author.

Post Format:

  • Minimum 300 words long with a maximum of 900 words.
  • Shorter paragraphs are preferred to longer ones.
  • Break up the information into bite sized chunks.
  • Lists are effective too, if it applies to your post.
  • Submit post as a Word attachment in an email.
  • Do not introduce yourself to the readers. Your bio will be at the bottom of the post so everything you need to say can be written in the bio section.
  • Do not greet the readers by saying hello. Just write.


  • Minor editing may be done and will be done so without your approval.
  • Major editing requiring a rewrite will have the post sent back with suggestions.
  • Titles and photo captions may also be rewritten as needed.
  • If you have concerns about editing, please contact us directly ahead of time.


Pictures have visual appeal and draw the reader in, plus our design requires a photo for every post. Please submit a picture that you have taken yourself. Arizona Moms Network reserves the right to withhold the picture from the post or substitute the picture. You are welcome to watermark your pictures. By submitting your picture you give us permission to reprint the picture and use it in for promotional reasons for Arizona Moms Network. Photo sizes are best at 600px wide. We do not use pictures from Pinterest.

You receive:

  • Post publication on Arizona Moms Network.
  • Short bio at the end of the article with a picture and one link back to your website.
  • Exposure to a new group of readers who may click-through to learn more about you.
  • Permanent link from within the post in your author bio.
  • Facebook exposure.
  • Twitter exposure.
  • A shiny badge for your blog. Oh my! We do not pay guest contributors.
  • Since you are NOT paid as a contributor, you can enter all of our fun giveaways!

Featured Guest Contributor Status:

Have you noticed how some posts have the name of the author with a clickable link? When you click the link a new page opens with a picture, bio, blog website link, and listing of all the articles the contributor has written on the site. We will walk you through all directions needed to get the picture placed on the website.

This option may be extended to you after you have three guest posts and agree to submit a guest post on a regular basis, usually every 6 weeks. Posts need to be submitted seven days in advance. Arizona Moms Network reserves the right to reschedule posts as needed. We will work with you on the posting schedule and do offer flexibility.

If you are accepted as a Featured Guest Contributor, then you get your own bio box below the post instead of at the end of the post. This bio  includes a link to your own bio page on our site. Yes, an entire page all about you.

Guest Contributors who meet the requirements are featured in a section on Arizona Moms Network.

Guest contributor vs Sponsored Post:

A common email we receive is a request to write about an amazing product or service their business has. This does not qualify under the guest contributor guidelines. If you have a vested interest in a product then this would be considered a sponsored post.

The next step:

Please contact us and tell us a little bit about yourself and submit two to three post ideas. We will be in touch with you regarding your ideas.