Butterfly Wonderland in Arizona is a Speechless Experience

Posted June 13, 2013 by Kate Eschbach in Things to do

Kate Eschbach Photography - Butterfly Wonderland in Arizona is a speechless experience

As I drove up to the Butterfly Wonderland, I knew I would see beautiful butterflies and a state of the art facility at the private media event. What I didn’t know is that I would truly be speechless from the experience.

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We had the pleasure of meeting Mike Fox, the executive director.

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He shared with us the efforts they have made with the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Community members. The architectural details include the roof mimicking the gracefulness of the river and the steel design mirroring the basket weaves of the burden basket. The color details include the greens of vegetation, the yellows of the sun, the reds of the sunset and the browns of the earth. It was all planned carefully with great love and respect.

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Mr. Fox also shared a quote from a mother that had visited earlier that morning. She said, “I wanted my children to begin to dream about butterflies.”

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Mr. Knishinsky, the principal partner and lead developer, shared the story of the dream of the Butterfly Wonderland, “The Odyssey of the Desert” being born. The full ‘Odyssey of the Desert’ will include the Butterfly Wonderland, an aquarium, a 16 foot IMAX theater and a center court with restaurants from all different countries.  What an honor to see his dream become a reality!

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We sat back and enjoyed the 3D film, “The Flight of the Butterflies”.

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Then, we were led into the Emergence Gallery where we saw hundreds of chrysalises. They were every color of the rainbow. Some were even gold.

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After the Emergence Gallery, we were invited into the Conservatory. Butterflies were everywhere. They landed on people causing every adult to giggle and smile. The best part? They told us that strollers would be allowed! As the mommy of a two year old, that means that I can bring him without worrying about him running around and accidentally stepping on a butterfly.

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As we exited the Gallery, there was a wonderful cafe. I fully expected for the next stop to be the gift shop and the end of the exhibits.

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Instead, it led to a Live Ant Colony and Bee Hive. The queen bee was marked with a greet dot, that made it easy for the kids to locate. These were both kept in glass, making it easy for kids to watch and enjoy the elaborate exhibits.

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This led to an 18,000 gallon touch tank with stingrays.

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I can’t wait to take the kids!  I know their eyes will be as large as mine were!

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I attended a private media event. All opinions are my own.

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    Is this still going on?? Beautiful photos!!

    Steph from Be Positive Mom

    I can’t wait to see it! Been reading about it and the pics look amazing,


    If I ever get to visit Kate’s family in Arizona, this is a must-see. Gorgeous!


    Beautiful photos!!!!!! It’s an amazing exhibit and we have already visited many times.

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